Quality assurance is our commitment

What we have?


Thread Plug Gauge & Ring Gauge


Pin Gauge


2.5D Image Measuring Instrument 


Height Gauge


Coordinate-measuring machine

Surface pattern

(Picture from VDI3400)

- The surface patterns of plastic products can provide various visual and tactile sensation based on the pattern's roughness. 
We use VDI 3400 as reference standard for surface roughness.

Color & lustre

- For painting products, you can specify commonly used RAL or PANTONE color numbers (for the Japanese market, you can refer to NIPPON COLORS) or provide samples for comparison.

Our Goal

Strictly quality control is the key to our success at JiingDuen.
We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the products they receive, allowing them to collaborate with us confidently. We also welcome customer feedback, as it helps us gain experience in solving different problems.

Quality Inspection Process

We follow strict SOP to ensure that the final product can meet customer requirements.SOP introduction: